Hustler Super 104 increases productivity with increased mowing capacity.

Hustler Super 104 increases productivity with increased mowing capacity.

The Super 104 is all about Ability, Affordability, Maneuverability, Flexibility

Hustler Super 104 lawn mower

The Hustler Super 104 is an economically priced wide area mower with zero-turn maneuverability, compact size, Hustler Hyper-Drive system, and 104” mowing width. These features combined enable the 104” to increase mowing productivity by as much as 40% over a standard 72” zero turn mower. Increased profitability is one of the best ways to describe the end result when mowing with a Super 104 high production mower. From a simple economical perspective the Super 104 mows more grass in less time with fewer people and less fuel.

A Kawasaki 35hp FX 1000 engine drives the Hustler Hyper Drive system. The proven Hyper Drive system offers speed with reliability and is the only industrial drive system offered in any zero-turn mower.

Three separate mower decks, a 60” center deck and two 24” wing decks, lift hydraulically. In the wings up transport position, the Super 104 easily fits on a standard landscape trailer. The Super 104 maneuverability and compact size allows it to mow where other wide area mowers cannot, mowing large acreage parcels then continuing right into small ½ acre areas. The Super 104 is the only wide area mower not confined to one dimensional mowing. The Super 104 is all about Ability: Affordability. Maneuverability. Flexibility. Serviceability. Trainability. Transportability. Feasibility. Owner Profitability.

19th Feb 2016 Leah

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