Lawn Care Tips #1

Lawn Care Tips #1

For the complement to the homework of the garden or lawn care it’s a necessary the use a specific tool, as any activity some of them have an important use than others.

Obviously it depends to the size of the lawn. This article should help any detail about the use a specific tools to the lawn care, or utensil and piece than serving help with the electronic support to keep this specific spaces of your house in good conditions.

The care of specially lawn and the garden all the same hobby it require variety tools, some of them have more fundament use than others and you can work with them without any problem. Their presence facilitates or do more fast the homework for example the chainsaws and lawn mower in different presentations facilitating the task when the workspace is large. It’s therefore the team tools depends on the size of your garden, the time you devoted to care and if you are a beginner with the budget that has to acquire some tools.

lawn care tips

Essential tools for your garden:

NOTE: Before you talking about essential tools for the gardener it’s necessary to talk there are also security tools, such as gloves and glasses.

  • Lawnmower, especially if you have a large garden , have one of these machines is almost essential for lawn care. Also there manuals lawnmower but it serves mainly and not to keep equaled the level lawn garden. On the other hand the machines available of collections bags avoiding having to sweep the grass clippings, which greatly reduces the work.

  • Embroiderer lawn, it serves to cut the lawn of the corners, the edges of fences and walls around trees, near the pools, among others.
  • Chainsaw, it’s function is limited to tree pruning and large shrubs, and only compensates buy one, if there is amount of large species in the garden. Care should be taken with it use because it can be dangerous.
  • Mattock, this piece is essential to remove and aerate the soil, previous work important to planting new seeds.
  • Garden Shovel, also called Shovel peak it has a curvature and more pointed one end, specifically prepared to dig in the soil and do well. The handle can be in different sizes shorter for manual or extended to work with the help of the feet task. It allowed to take land from one side to another (or from the ground into a pot) comfortably.
  • Rake, it’s designed to match the ground level but also it serves other functions, as gathering fallen leaves from trees or grass after cutting, although better a brush metal or plastic.
  • Secateurs, prune plants is one of the basic tasks for their care have a good pair of scissors is necessary for the gardener.
  • Sprayer, it may be an old or worn spray, but the important thing is to continue to fulfill it’s function efficiently: spray different fumigants.
  • Garden Hose, the use of a hose is the simplest to water the plants and maintain proper lawn care method, and necessary even though it has one or more sprinklers.

  • Gloves, unless one is willing to break the hands and end up with damaged and very dirty ground nails, wearing gloves it is essential. The most common and practical are made of cotton, but should be left leather or other more resistant to certain tasks (such as work with roses or other thorny plants ) materials. They can also be plastic or latex, which are comfortable but less safe and effective.

Another practical and very useful in caring of the lawn and garden tools.

  • Wire Brush or plastic, it use for gather dry leaves falling from trees, grass after cutting or left in the garden and had thrown away objects.
  • It is necessary, particularly if it is not a garden but a lawn care and inside plants, a spray to keep moisture in the atmosphere and leaves without flooding the substrate.
  • Wire brush, sprayers and sprinklers, also useful to the care of garden.
  • Sprinklers, can be helpful for watering the garden, specially if its size is considerable and if it has natural grass much less practical but more “craft” and even glamorous, it is necessary to have a shower, until you can decorate to suit the gardener.
  • Safety glasses, they are important at the height of the eyes of the short or over a small piece of branch, stalk or any other part of a plant can be very harmful to the eyes, and should always be taken every precaution to reduce risks


These lawn care tips, tools and new techniques will have the garden of your dreams :)

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