About us

In 1976 was established Pronto Mowers as an Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer. When the company started it represented one brand for handheld equipment and one brand for big commercial mowers. The following years where of nice stable grow.

In 2010, ELRA INVESTMENTS LLC, bought Pronto Mowers as it saw a great potential in the fascinating industry of Outdoor Power equipment. This transition brought financial stability to Pronto Mowers and incorporated new people, new processes and best practices with the aim to create a solid base where it will support its imminent grow.

Mauricio Passarini, who had graduated as a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineer and have a Master Degree in Technology Management and Ecommerce Management became the President of ELRA INVESTMENTS LLC. Under his leadership ELRA INVESTMENTS LLC has acquired the representation of several new brands transforming its business. Pronto Mowers now represents more than 22 important brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Stihl, Echo, Snapper, Scag, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Kawasaki Power Tools, and many other more.  

The year 2012 Mauricio used his knowledge in business, computers and Ecommerce to his advantage and started to develop the internet presence. On May 2013 ELRA INVESTMENTS LLC, launched the website WWW.SMALLENGINESPRODEALER.COM

Now www.smallengiensprodealer.com offers more than 800.000 products online and has shipped to customer around the word including Chile and Australia. The current building where the company operated is being renovated and we are looking to move the receiving and shipping departments to a nearby warehouse. In the next three years we expect to have a dramatic grow becoming one of the leaders as internet distributors in United Stated.

In this short period of time www.smallenginesprodealer.com has evolved and become more user friendly by adding such features as equipment diagrams with parts look-up built right in.  Today we average over 2,000 internet visits per day with an important 3.1% conversion rate.

We have added to our company great individuals with a extensive background in the outdoor power equipment and now we have more than 60 year’s accumulative experience in the industry. Our customer service is second to none.  

The future at www.smallenginesprodealer.com will continue to evolve. We strive to become one of the America’s premier online parts distributor in the outdoor power equipment industry.