30 Edger Blades 8 in. Oregon 40-139

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OREGON 40-139-30
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This is one of the most popular edger blades in the market. The Oregon 40-139 is the economical edger blade from Oregon also known as Stick Edger blades.

These edger blades can be use in several edger machines and cross over to large amount of OEM numbers. It comes painted in black to avoid rust during storage and handling. 

The edger blade Oregon 40-139 is use the same by commercial companies or homeowners.  


Echo 720237001, Ryobi 613223, Husqvarna 601002454, Maruyama 216062, Stihl 4133 713 4102, Shindaiwa 72950-92100, Green Machine 237001, Red Max 6367-15110, Ryobi 791-613223 B, Husqvarna 578392802, Echo 69601552631, McCulloch 301272<EOL>Oregon 40-139, Oregon 40-140, Oregon 40-141, Rotary 6477, Rotary 6107, Rotary 10662, Sunbelt SB-6107, Sunbelt SB-2663, Prime Line 7-05814, Dealer Choice 59-7200, J. Thomas EB-2, Dealer Choice 59-7090, Dealer Choice 59-7085, Mow More EBGM, NHC 211-9131, Outdoor Factory Parts 578392802, Rotary 14822, Oregon 40-139-1 

Fit Model

 Echo PE2000, PE2400, PE3100, PAS2601 and PE2601; Stihl FC72, FC75, FC85, FC110; Shindaiwa LE242 and many more.

Specifications of each edger blade 40-139:

Center Lenght: 8"

Hole: 1"

Type: NS (Not Sharpened)

Design: SC (Straight Cut Edge)

Not heat treated

Width: 2"

Thickness: 0.120

Product Code: ET070-127

UPC number: 032488401390

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